Small Animals

Everything you need for your small, furry friends!!!!


It’s important that you get the right home for your pet. It not only has to be comfortable but functional too. Here at ALPA Pet Warehouse, we stock a huge selection of foods, toys, treats, cages and bedding for your little furry friends. We stock food for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and many more.


We stock a huge range of small animal toys, treats and boredom breakers along with lots of different food variety’s, Hay, Straw and beddings.


Here at ALPA Pet Warehouse, we stock a large selection of cages for hamsters,rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and much more. We stock both indoor and outdoor hutches for rabbits and small furry’s. If your looking for an ideal home to keep your pets safe that is both comfortable and functional we stock both indoor and outdoor homes. We also have a vast selection of bedding types that are also available in bulk buy as bales.


Let your pet have its own special home.

For their own little haven, call 01772 65 35 35